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At the railway station

Your journey will eventually take you to a railway station


Most stations have a recommended minimum connection time of 5 minutes

For larger stations and main interchange stations more time must be allowed, typically up to 20 minutes

This will allow you to leave the train, observe the platform information screens, make your way to another platform, and wait for your next connection to arrive


Larger stations will have additional facilities, including seated facilities, luggage trolleys, refreshments, ATM machine, toilets, baby change, showers, payphone, internet, postal box, tourist information office, shops, cycle storage, car park, ticket office, self-service ticket machines,  Left Luggage, Lost Property, Customer Service, and British Transport Police


For larger stations with refreshments you can take advantage of a 10% discount card at selected outlets


When arriving at the station you may require to pickup your ticket

At some stations you may also require your ticket in order to pass through ticket gates


When leaving a station you may require a taxi or bus, details are usually well signed at the exit

Where a station has more than one exit the taxi point will normally be signed separately


Some larger stations also have a car rental office, again this is normally signed separately


Where the station may be closed or unmanned, a help point is often available

This is more common at smaller stations

Often this is linked to the CCTV operator


Further detailed information about railway stations in Scotland