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Seat plans

Seat plans allow you to see where your seat is located on a specific train
They can also be used for Sleeper Berths

After planning your journey you may want to reserve specific seats, if you have already reserved seats, or may simply want to know where on a specific train your reserved seats can be found

Seat Reservation tickets show the :

Date, time and stations for which the reservation is valid
Coach Letter, usually letters A to M
Seat Number, usually between 01 and 80
Type of seat; A for Airline style, B for Back to direction of travel, and F for Facing

Note that B and F refer to the direction when the train departs the first station


They are also used for Sleeper Berth reservations, and instead of Seat show :
Type of berth - L for Lower or U for Upper
Note that First Class (Caledonian Sleeper) and Solo (Riviera Sleeper) will always be L

Seat reservation tickets do NOT show :
The Class of ticket being used
The ticket type being used


Some Passenger Train Companies do NOT offer Seat Reservations, these services use quota control

You may still receive a Seat Reservation when purchasing an Advance ticket, this allows you to use any seat (there is no priority over other passengers)

Note that the Coach Letter precedes the Type of Seat
Some examples, and these typically causes confusion :
A10A  : This is Coach A, seat 10, Aisle seat
B01F : This is Coach B, Seat 01, Facing (direction of travel)

I08F : This is Coach I, Seat 08, Facing

(in this case, neither letter should be confused with First Class)

E13L : This is a Sleeper Berth in Coach E, Berth 13, Lower bed


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First Capital Connect

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Greater Anglia - B - See National Express East Anglia

Heathrow Connect
Heathrow Express

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London Midland - A


Northern Rail
ScotRail - B

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Stansted Express

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Virgin Trains


A - Seat plans are not issued to the public

B - Seat plans are not issued for safety and security reasons

C - We are currently waiting for the latest Seat Plans


Please note that permission to view and / or download the seat plans may be required

You will be prompted for a Username and Password -

Username : public
Password : visitor


For full details please see the Website Disclaimer


We are working alongside all the Passenger Train Companies to offer these to you, all in one place
We also request updates at least once a year, usually one month after a new timetable has come into effect or after new rolling stock has been introduced on routes

We have teamed up with Cross Country to provide Seat Plans to passengers